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White Oats

White Oats

White Oats
  • White Oats
  • White Oats

Savour''s Health Fibre White Oats are extracted out of best quality natural Oat Bran. It has no salt, no sugar and no preservatives.

What Is White Oats?
Oats, like any other varieties of grains, belong to the Graminae family (grasses)''s called ''Jai'' in Hindi. Oats are excellent source of soluble dietary fibre. They are derived from natural whole grain. Oats''quality is enhanced further, by mixing it with Oat Bran.

What Is Dietary Fibre?
Dietary fibres are endogenous components of plant materials in diet, which are resistant to digestive enzymes produce by mon. Fibrous material exerts dried physiological effects in gastro-intestinal tract and is responsible for its effects on carbohydrate metabolism and fat metabolism. It helps to prevent cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and constipation etc. Dietary fibre can be soluble and insoluble as well, but both are equally important in daily diet as they give different heath benefits.

Benefits Of Soluble Fibre
Soluble fibre and blood pressure: Savour''s high fibre white oats helps to fight against excess blood cholesterol. Results of many medical studies showed that Gel formation by soluble fibre interferes directly with transport and absorption of liquids (fats) in the small intestine. Dietary fibre binds and absorbs bile acids and transports it into the calon for excretion, thereby responsible for increasing degradation of chloesterol to replace the bile salts, thus lowering the blood cholesterol level.

Soluble fibre and diabetes: Soluble fibre like the type present in Savour''s hi-fibre white oats are beneficial for diabetics too. Eating any normal diet controlling carbohydrate, can lead to a rise in blood sugar level in diabetics, whereas food rich in dietary fibre produces an opposite effect i.e. lowers the blood sugar level and thus, reduces the need of insulin to stabilize the blood sugar level.

Soluble fibre and obesity: Soluble fibre like the type found in Savour''s hi-fibre white oats can help in weight control as it can replace high fat and calorie in food and can lead to reduction in total calorie intake.

Soluble Fibre and it''s other benefits: Soluble fibre can also prevent constipation, gastro-intestinal disorders, colon cancer, piles and varicos vein.

Dietary Fibre

Dietary Fibre
Endogenous components of plant material is the Dietary Fibre that is widely used in preventing digestive enzymes produced by mon. These fibers leave a physiological effect in gastro-intestinal tract and has effects on carbohydrate metabolism and fat metabolism. Dietary fibers also help in preventing cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and constipation. These fibers are both soluble as well as insoluble, and equally essentially in daily diet.
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